Season 2 is coming to December 9th Nintendo Connect

Season 2 is coming to December 9th Nintendo Connect

That was announced by Cynics through the news release of Season 2 Rocket League Released on December 9, 2020. Next season celebrates music that will be part of a new customization called Anthem: Grammy-nominated EDM artist Cascade’s new songs and content, thanks to a partnership with Monstercott. Plus a new rocket pass, a new stadium and so on!

Rocket League Season 2 follows:

songs – This new customization option allows players Rocket League Select and play music after a goal in the arena. More information about the songs will be available on the official website tomorrow.
New music and content from K Cascade – Zionics has partnered with a longtime partner, as well as electronic music label Monstergate and acclaimed producer Cascade to collaborate on the series’ songs for Rocket League Season 2. The first song played by Will Kay, “Flip Reset” is now available in the game, and is also featured in the Season 2 trailer. Streaming sites Available. Extra cascade music and content available during the season.
New Rocket Boss – This season’s Rocket Bass has music themed items, some of which are pulsating and glowing with the beat of menu and stage music! It is relevant Car called R3MX and 70+ unique items Rocket Pass can be opened at a premium.
Neon Fields Arena – This new EDM-inspired stadium is available for online playlists and private matches.
Rocket Labs – Rocket Labs returns this season in regular time mode for casual players.
Updates Extra updates – Season 2 features new competition rewards, challenges, quality of life improvements and changes in the sports store. Additional information on changes to the sports store will be available early next week.

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