Second round in Georgia. Democrats are close to winning a majority in the Senate

Second round in Georgia.  Democrats are close to winning a majority in the Senate

Democratic Senate candidate Rafael Warnock won a seat in the upper house of the U.S. Congress this Wednesday. For the first time in two decades, Democrats have elected a senator to represent Georgia., Another victory following the turning point in the November presidential election, Joe Biden was the first Democratic candidate to win in that conservative southern state since 1992.

Rafael Warnock’s victory over Republican candidate Kelly Loughler, Donald Trump ‘s biggest supporter, was confirmed by the Associated Press at 2 a.m. local time (7 a.m. in Lisbon). Not only did it break the 20-year gap between Democrats in that state, Warnock makes history as the first black senator elected by that state.

But the place where Bishop Warnock defended the same Atlanta church where Martin Luther King preached – the Ebenezer Baptist Church – was not big enough for Democrats to get a majority. To control the Senate, they need John Osoff to finish second in the game against Republican David Burdo.

John Osoff, 33, could be the youngest U.S. senator in four decades. The Democratic nominee was ahead of Republican Senator David Bertou when 95 percent of the vote was counted.

If two Democratic candidates win, Both parties have 50 senators, but Democrats won a majority using Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect who heads the Senate under the US Constitution.

This second round is coming because none of the Senate candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote in the November election. Electoral rules in the state of Georgia state that a candidate must exceed this margin to be elected.

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The potential control of the Congress upper house leaves much room for future Biden administration to pass legislation on central issues such as health or the environment, which are generally vehemently opposed by Republicans. In addition, the Senate ‘s control over the appointment of politicians and the judiciary appointed by Joe Biden will be decisive.

In recent days, the state of Georgia has also attracted attention following the outcome of the November presidential election. Over the weekend, the newspaper Washington Post Revealed a Controversial phone call Between the President of the United States and the Secretary of State of Georgia Brad Rafensberger.

In the phone call, Donald Trump asked a Republican state official to “find enough votes to ensure victory against Joe Biden and change the outcome of the election.”

The results obtained in Georgia were already certified in December, and it is expected that Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College will be accurately recognized by the U.S. Congress this Wednesday. In the run-up to this second round, the outgoing President invited the President of the Senate, who will chair the session – Outgoing Vice President Mike Pence – To reject the approval of the election result.

The outgoing president has for the past few months denigrated the election results and attacked key figures in the political leadership in Georgia, including members of the Republican Party, as he has called for Brad Rafenberger to be accused of ignoring election fraud cases – without evidence. .

This performance of the current tenant in the White House may have had political costs to the Republicans in this second round. Georgia Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling Any election setback is considered Donald Trump’s fault.

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The crime will fall directly on President Trump’s shoulders and his actions from November 3“Officer CNN.

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