See: Van Miller, Jerry GT, other Broncos players all of Denver’s QBs respond to being on the COVID list

See: Van Miller, Jerry GT, other Broncos players all of Denver's QBs respond to being on the COVID list
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The Full quarterback room Of Denver Broncos The team was ruled ineligible for the upcoming Week 12 match New Orleans Saints Sunday. All three quarterbacks on the list – True Lock, Brett Ribean, And Blake Portals – Disqualified after being considered at high risk following close contact with Quarterback Jeff Triskell He was placed on the Reserve / Govt list due to a positive test on Thursday.

It is understandable that this news, which was completely unprecedented, caused a storm on social media, but the most notable posts came from the Broncos players, who expressed their responses to their social media accounts in a variety of ways.

Compared to others who postponed their games due to positive COVID-19 tests, there were certainly enthusiastic responses of concern from players who believed their team was being run to double standards.

Then there were the jokes where players volunteered to play quarterback themselves. Of course, it is worth mentioning the recipient of that training team, And former college quarterback, Kendall Hinton Opportunity to get a start under the center.

Others were not quick to offer themselves options, but made other suggestions like the former quarterback Beyton Manning, Saints bracelet James Winston And even fictional characters.

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