See when Amanhe arrives on Netflix at the 2nd season of O Expresso

See when Amanhe arrives on Netflix at the 2nd season of O Expresso

Expresso to Amanhe is going to win the second season! The post-apocalyptic series was a huge success last year, and fans are eager to hear what happens to the main characters.

With the original title of Snowflake, The Express of Tomorrow is based on the same year-named film, released in 2013 and directed by Pong Jun-ho. This feature was inspired by the 1982 French comic book Le Transpersion, written by Jack Lope, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rosette.

The series follows the stories of those who travel in the Snowflake, a giant train that travels around the world, carrying survivors from a climate catastrophe that freezes the planet.

Check out the opening hours of the second season of O Expresso to Amanho!

Although it was broadcast internationally by Netflix, it was not the original product of the O Expresso do Amanhe site. The series airs on the TNT channel in the United States, and must be broadcast by a broadcaster before being released overseas.

The second season of The Express of Tomorrow debuts on DNT today (25), with the first episode airing worldwide via Netflix.

As with the first season, the second year of the series will be released weekly. So, only the first episode will be available on Netflix on the 26th.

Since O Express to Amanhe is not an original Netflix product, the first episode of the second season is set to premiere on the Brazilian stage at midnight on the 26th.

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If this is the site’s original project, O Expresso to Amanhe will launch at 4 p.m.

“In the second season, a new struggle for power arises, which creates a dangerous gap between the loyal survivors of Layton and Mr. Wilford – they have a new train, new technology and an unpredictable action plan,” the official summary released by DNT said.

“As Layton confronts Wilford for Snowpiece’s Soul, Melanie leads a shocking discovery that could change the future of humanity,” the preview promises.

The entire cast of the first season returns to the second year of The Express of Tomorrow. David Dix reconsiders his performance as Layton and Jennifer Connelly once again starred as Melanie Cavill.

New characters will be introduced in the second season as well. Sagina Geoffrey (House of Cards) and Damien Young (Birdman) played Mrs. and Mr. Headwood.

Chelsea will play Harris (NCIS) Sykes and Tom Lipinki (Suits) Kevin.

Finally, Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) starred in The Express of Tomorrow. Joins Wilford.

The second season of O Expresso to Amanho opens on January 26th.

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