Senji Monokadari in the defense of the Japanese

Senji Monokadari in the defense of the Japanese

There are two ways to look at the role of women in Japanese society: a photo of Yoshihide Suu Kyi’s government in September showing two ministers dressed in white as men in dark robes, or the classic Ginger monokatari of the Japanese, written by a prostitute novelist and poet Murasaki Shikibu a thousand years ago. In fact, opinion polls suggest that the status of women in the world’s third-largest economy continues to accelerate change and that the clear majority opinion agrees with the rejection of sexual ideas by the head of the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee (modified to 2021). , Due to infection). A few days ago, Yoshiro Mori said, “Group meetings with many women take a long time” because they stop talking about “hard times”. The outrage did not last long, beginning with the governor of the Japanese capital, Yuriko Koike.

For its long history (yesterday was National Trust Day, marking the 2680th anniversary of the emperor’s throne’s 2680th anniversary), for its role in post – World War II democracy in Asia, from Sushi to Murakami books, from Toyota to Sony’s PlayStation to its culture. Special attention is required. The recent evolution of the role of women in the archipelago can teach us how much Europe leads in the thematic rankings, for example, in five Nordic countries, one in four is prime minister.

I mentioned Governor Koike, who was Minister of Defense when Suu Kyi’s predecessor Shinzo Abe was Prime Minister. Now, Abe is famous for her aponomics, and she was also a women’s activist, the idea of ​​Kathy Matsui, Goldman Sachs ’chief economist in Japan. It suffers from almost chronic stagnation. Although many of the new workers were risky, the benefits were available and the results came out: 64% to 71% of working women are higher than the EU (62%) and the United States (64%). Despite the decline in the population between the ages of 15 and 64, it still increased the availability of labor by two million people.

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At school, new workers learned about 11th-century soap operas, as did their male counterparts. The message of Prime Minister Abe, the longest-running prime minister since 1945, was widely understood. This together explains why the Tokyo Games organizer did not receive an apology.

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