Senua translator shares behind-the-scenes image of HelpPlate 2

hellblade 2 Imagem: Reprodução
hellblade 2 Picture: Reproduction

After embarking on the Senua tour in 2017, The Ninja Theory Prepares the floor for the row Helpplate It comes this year. Last Friday (15), the protagonist’s translator, Melina Jurgens, Gave us a glimpse of what the game’s production platform would look like.

In the picture at the end of the article, except for the scars, you can notice the paintings on Jurkens’ face, which are similar to those shown in the official teaser of HelpPlate II. However, the actress said nothing.

The post is titled “For every war that is won, a great war takes place.”, Blows up that a new danger awaits the protagonist.

Interestingly, the makeup artist responsible for classifying Jurkens with the characteristics of Senua, Tom McNerney, Worked with the same functionality in the series Viking, Which increases the chance of the film being linked to the game sequence.

Set in the Viking era, a ruined Celtic warrior embarks on a visionary and restless adventure through Viking Hell to fight for the soul of his dead lover. Developed in collaboration with neuroscientists and psychologists, Helpplate: Senuva’s Sacrifice Senuva’s fragmented mind plunges you into depression.

PC and Xbox Series X | HelpPlate 2 for S comes occasionally in 2021.

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