September NL hit leader Alec Bohm could finally be the NL Rookie of the Year nomination.

September NL hit leader Alec Bohm could finally be the NL Rookie of the Year nomination.

He doesn’t look like a promising newcomer. Alec Bohm rightfully looks like one of the more dangerous hitters in the National League. I have already built my big league career in 36 games.

Bohm had another multi-hit match on Friday afternoon. Phillies win 7-0 Via Blue Jays. He scored 2-3 with RBI. Both hits were line drives. It was really shocking.

Spring had 28 line drive hits this season. Let’s get some context about it. Despite the fact that Bohm didn’t play his first 13 matches, he scored the most for the Phillies.

One less line drive hit than Mike Trout.

In Game 2, Bohm Game win singles.

Bohm finished second in the Majors with 28 hits this month and only 1 hit after Freddie Freeman.

And again, it’s not just numbers. The quality of the contact and the approach in the plate. Bohm uses the entire field. He hits the liner up to the gap in the right center as much as he picks between the middle or short and third place. He doesn’t look like a player who can easily change. It came out of Game 2 when Bohm hit the ball where second baseman should be. The Blue Jays moved and paid for players who seemed unchanging. It will be interesting to see how the team moves forward and defends Bohm.

This looked very different from Domonic Brown or Rhys Hoskins’ hot start.

Bohm hasn’t missed a beat since he climbed third or fourth on the Phillies’ lineup from 7th or 8th. In batting average of seven games, he hit 31 at-bats (.354) with two doubles and two home runs.

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At this point he should be the NL Rookie of the Year leader. Padres infielder Jake Cronenworth has been ahead of his class this season but has hit .192 over the past 10 days.

Cronenworth hit .310 / .369 / .531 this season.

Bohm scored .326 / .382 / .496.

Sixto Sanchez will have a significant say in this, but he allowed 5 runs in 4 innings on Friday. His ERA rose to 2.75. He’s still very good pitching in 6 starts and 4 starts.

The Phillies, who received the NL Rookie of the Year award, are Ryan Howard in 2005, Scott Rolen in 1997, Dick Allen in 1964, and Jack Sanford in 1957.

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