Serious problems are starting to appear on Google Pixel 5 devices.

Serious problems are starting to appear on Google Pixel 5 devices.

The latest Pixel Officially released It’s been less than a month and it’s already started showing what’s the big problem. Some of the early Google Pixel 5 buyers are starting to realize that there is a difference between the phone’s frame and display that could jeopardize the phone’s IP rating and more.

The new Google Pixel 5 is already starting to arrive at the homes of new owners. Unfortunately, some of them report that new devices will be released with some gap between the screen’s plastic bumper and the aluminum frame. The reports may look varied, but separation is usually found in the area around the front camera. Customers are expressing concern because this difference could affect the Google Pixel 5’s water and dust resistance.

Android police staff have also experienced this problem on their devices, so it’s not necessarily big, but adds tons of reports that are growing at a consistent rate. These reports are Pixel Phone Product Forum And XDA’s Forum Some examples of these gaps and how different locations and separations can be on these phones.

“We can see that our own Pixel 5 review device has also been affected. However, it is at a lower level than some of the photos above. Most reports will appear in the corner closest to the camera cutout on the display, the top of the phone, above the SIM tray on the left, but may also appear in other areas. Most images show the problem in the Just Black colorway (probably because it is best seen when the contrast is stronger), but it also affects the Sage Green color.”

Time only this interval The influence of the phone Waterproof. However, according to reports, aesthetic glitches have existed since the Google Pixel 5 went out of the box, and the screen doesn’t seem to separate over time. Hopefully, this problem is nothing more than a cosmetic flaw that doesn’t hurt your phone’s performance or durability.

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source Android police

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