Servi? I thought I had more game time

Servi?  I thought I had more game time



George Jesus commented on Heldon’s choice of goal and the reason why Cervi did not get on the field.

Were there any penalties in favor of Benfica ?: “It’s not going backwards anymore. The referees, I already know what their opinion is. They say Vertonghen was fined, but it will not back down. We have to be practical and realistic. Benfica did not win.” It makes no sense to say whether it’s a penalty or not. There is no going back, the referee will not score. “

Change in destination and service: “If I had Gill and Cervi on the bench, I wouldn’t have had much to do in front of me. In terms of attacking power, the team had. Not only the level, it was between the lines. We had to have new players in the corridors. I didn’t even give that much to pass the game. I thought I should continue the game.The team conceded some goals without Heldon, in easy circumstances, they did better than they could, so we had to look for other alternatives.Change some players.As for the last game, three new players have entered.It’s almost over, “Why do I have to put Cervi?” I thought.

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