Seven-year-old boy rescues baby sister from fire: “I don’t want her to die”

Seven-year-old boy rescues baby sister from fire: "I don't want her to die"

The seven-year-old boy went through the flames to rescue his sister who was trapped in the fire that completely destroyed his family home.

The incident happened after the entire family fell asleep on December 8 in Tennessee, USA.

The warning was issued when the boy’s parents woke up with a strong smell of smoke. They quickly captured the seven-year-old Elijah and his brother Elijah and put them in custody. At the same time, however, flames engulfed Erin, the 22-month-old sister’s room.

The smoke was so thick that there was no way to get it“Chris Davidson, father of CNN.” We took her out the window, but I had nothing to stand for. ”

So, Chris says, he picked up the mouse that went through the window, not picking up the baby. The action of the seven-year-old was done at a crucial time. When a team of twenty firefighters arrived to put out the blaze, the local fire chief said in a statement that “there was nothing to save.”

I thought I couldn’t, but ‘I’m with her, Dad.’ I was scared, but I didn’t want my sister to die“, Says the boy.

Now, Eli’s family is “starting fresh”. After his parents lost their jobs to the epidemic and their grandfather died in December, Chris Davidson says he did not lose hope.

We lose everything we had. We were in that house for the rest of our lives. All three of our cars were damaged in the fire“Father insists this is a time when the family will not lose hope.” This is disastrous. We have nothing. ”

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