Sharks killed Australian surfers on the famous Gold Coast beach.

Bull shark
This 46-year-old man bit his leg while surfing at Greenmount Beach in Coolangatta, a Gold Coast suburb, shortly after 5pm. According to the Queensland Police Department. He was surfing near the headquarters of the local lifesaving club.

The video on the scene showed at least six people rushing to take their victims off the surf and take them to the beach.

“I thought he might have collapsed because he wasn’t moving in the water,” he said.

Parker told Seven News that he had witnessed the man badly injured, but as soon as the rescuers took him to the beach, surf rescuers started treating him. Parker said the wound extends slightly beyond the knee in the man’s groin.

“He’s almost gone,” Parker said.

The police said an unidentified man was treated by paramedics but died at the scene, the police said.

Beach protected by shark nets

People on the beach were puzzled when news of the attack spread. Witness Leo Cabral said on CNN affiliate 9 news.

“Everyone was running around, there were kids crying on the sand… some people were standing next to and watching, and I couldn’t believe what they were seeing,” he said. “It was so sad and really sad.”

Australian surfer dies after being bitten by a great white shark about 10 feet long

Cabral told 9 News that he was filming his 13-year-old son in the water when he heard people shout “shark, shark, shark”.

“The first thing that came to my mind was that my son and his friends wanted to get out of the water. I couldn’t feel my body at all, it was completely frozen and empty. News “I shouted to my son to get out of the water. Began to scream.”

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After a police helicopter launched to search for sharks attacked, Green Mount’s north and south beaches were closed, and nearby beaches would be closed on Wednesday, 9 News reported.

Greenmount Beach is protected by shark nets designed to catch potentially dangerous sharks, so you can’t harm people.

“This equipment lowers the risk, but does not provide an impenetrable barrier between sharks and humans.” Queensland Government Shark Control Program Website.
There have been at least six deadly shark attacks this year. Australian Shark Attack File According to a social database from Taronga Conservation Society Australia, there were no deadly shark attacks last year, and only one in 2018.
Shark pulls a 10-year-old boy from a boat and attacks him off my Australian coast

Gavin Nayler, program director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, told CNN that the number of deadly shark attacks could increase dramatically from year to year.

This program is International Shark Attack File, A global database of shark attacks.

“We see fluctuations every year and we don’t make too much,” he said.

Last month in New South Wales Male surfer repeatedly punches a great white shark in the nose When he asked the woman he was surfing with, she was airlifted to the hospital for surgery and survived.
A 36-year-old man last July shark attack while spearfishing A 15-year-old boy off the coast of Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia Suspected death from shark attack While surfing in New South Wales.
In June 60-year-old surfer dies while surfing at Salt Beach near Kingscliff In New South Wales-about 10 miles away from Tuesday’s attack.

In April, a Queensland Wildlife Conservator was killed by a white man, and in January a 57-year-old diver was killed in a shark attack in Western Australia.

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