SIC Notices | Donald Trump has been acquitted of “inciting insurgency.”

SIC Notices |  Donald Trump has been acquitted of "inciting insurgency."

Former US President Donald Trump was sworn in this Saturday. On January 6, the US Senate adjourned a political inquiry into the Capitol attack.

57 senators voted against the former president of the United States. However, two-thirds of senators were needed, or 67 out of 100.

Seven Republicans voted to prove Trump guilty, indicating an unprecedented number of senators in the ousted presidential party.

Donald Trump was released about a month after the Capitol invasion that left five dead.

You could run for the White House again in the next presidential election in 2024.

Trump: The dismissal process is a phase of the “biggest witch hunt.”

Trump has already responded in a statement that the movement he is leading is just beginning.

The former president of the United States begins by thanking the panel of lawyers for their tireless work, and then by thanking the senators who defended the Constitution.

He reiterates that the process of poverty – the second he has been subjected to – is another phase of the “biggest witch hunt” in American history.

Agreement allowing the judgment not to be delayed

The case against Donald Trump could have delayed the process and delayed the verdict, leaving Democrats with a last-minute plan for witnesses to testify.

Democrats and Republicans eventually reached an agreement to record a report on a heated phone call between Trump and minority leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican legislator, on the day of the riot, according to which Democrats violently established Trump’s indifference.

If Donald Trump is proven guilty, the Senate could go to a second referendum to prevent him from running for public office again.

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