SIC Notices | Exclusive utility for providing clubhouse, conversations and discussions

SIC Notices |  Exclusive utility for providing clubhouse, conversations and discussions

Clubhouse is a social network with no pictures or videos. This new site was launched in April 2020 and can only be called part of this exclusive “Club”. The app holder will have access to conversations, interviews and discussions on different topics.

Clubhouse combines the concept of a live podcast with a conference invitation. It allows you to watch different themed conversations or create your own broadcast – public or private. When accessing this social network, the user selects topics and themes of his choice and thus receives suggestions for conversations.

Always live, conversations will not be sent later like other sites. It acts like a phone call, and when the conversation is over, the room closes and the audio disappears.

This happened with a conversation between Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, and Vlad Denev, the CEO of Robinhood. The event became so popular that it settled the boundaries of the room and brought the app to the forefront. During the conversation – which aired live on YouTube – Musk made a plea to use the clubhouse, arguing that “changing the environment is mind-blowing” and emphasizing that in this application, users can focus on one topic at a time.

The project was developed by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth and launched in April 2020. In two months, it reached 1,500 users and $ 100 million. The popularity of the app turned this launch into a unicorn: as of February 1, 2021, Clubhouse already has over two million users and has reached more than $ 1 billion in value.

The uniqueness of the Clubhouse is that it attracts users: only invitees can download the app and explore its content. This uniqueness is yet another beta version – a trial version – and the creators have already announced their intention to open the platform to the world later this year.

Until then, access is by invitation only: Members of the “Club” can send two invitations, giving them access to all the content they have sent. In addition, the application is still only available for the iPhone operating system, but the Android version will also be developed.

When there is uniqueness, a business is born. Invitations for sale to Clubhouse can be found on sites such as Reddit, eBay, and Craigslist. In China, where the platform has been off government radar for months, invitation fees range from 150 to 400 yuan (19 to 50 euros).

The site has gained considerable popularity in China and is mainly used by researchers and technicians who have conducted discussions on topics that are subject to censorship. Quartz. However, on February 8, the site was banned in the Chinese region, as is happening on other social networks.

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