Sid Meier confirms that nuclear Gandhi is sadly just a myth

Sid Meier confirms that nuclear Gandhi is sadly just a myth

In every game story, no one is as whimsical as the Nuclear Gandhi, a story about how the oddities of programming turned the famous non-violent Indian leader into an aggressive War Monger who favors nuclear weapons. While attempts have been made to uncover the story over the years, Sid Meier finally came out and said that the nuclear Gandhi was actually the product of our collective imagination.

that much Original, For those unfamiliar with, in the original civilization, Gandhi claims to have received the lowest possible aggression rating, worthy of his reputation. However, when the player adopted democracy, a bug occurred and their aggression was automatically reduced by 2x. Gandhi already has an aggression rating of 1 and the program can’t handle negative numbers, so it cycles to give the Indian leader the highest aggression rating in the game, 255. There, as soon as Gandhi possesses nuclear weapons, he will become a terrifying monster.

In later games, the programmer gave Gandhi a higher aggression, like an Easter egg, to get him back to the original story. The only problem is not true.

Sid Meier wrote in his memoirs: Bloomberg citation, He enjoys joking that there were no such bugs in the original civilization, and that the story itself was based on false premise. “It’s one of those mysteries that keeping the mystery is almost fun,” Meyer said.

This attitude is reflected in a letter to Chris Brett, a journalist investigating the myth. Create a nuclear Gandhi game for people last year. Meyer’s letter to Brett said, “In some ways, it might be best to not know.” “Given the limited technology at the time, the original civilization was primarily a game that arose out of the player’s imagination… I’m reluctant to limit what a player can imagine by introducing too much of my thoughts,” he said.

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Now, in the original story, the cat was out of the bag, but I’m sure Sid Meier won’t bother if you believe nuclear Gandhi actually happened.

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