Signal. WhatsApp competitor is one of the most popular apps

Signal.  WhatsApp competitor is one of the most popular apps

Oh Share It was recently announced that it will introduce a new privacy policy to launch the messaging app Share your users’ data Facebook. Surprisingly, the move was not well received and led to an increase in the popularity of the competition signal.

The questionable messaging app is known to appreciate the security and privacy of users, and it is the founder and most advertised CEO Yes Tesla Yes SpaceX, Elon Musk. In the publication published on Involved On the Twitter page, Musk admitted that he had already “donated” to the signal and agreed to return. DoThere is no future.

The signal was created by a non-profit organization called the Signal Foundation Share, By Brian Acton, Matthew Rosenfeld, Responsible for this Encryption Do Share. Except Elon Kasturi, recommended by other celebrities in the world of signal technology, as a former analyst NSA, Edward Snowden.

All this attention was done to measure the signal Applications Downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in many countries. For Portugal, the signal is second only (behind ID) and, in the App Store, is already number one.

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