Singapore will pay citizens to have babies during the pandemic

Singapore will pay citizens to have babies during the pandemic

The country’s deputy prime minister said the incentives will help reassure those who are facing financial pressure and worrying about their jobs.

In an interview with lawmakers on Monday, Heng Swee Keat said, “I got feedback that Covid-19 has caused eager parents to postpone their plans to become parents.”

“This is understandable enough, especially when they are faced with uncertainty about their income,” he added.

Heng said the payment would help their parents spend, but did not confirm how much they would pay.

Despite the great success of public health responses to the epidemic, Singapore’s economy fell into a deep recession.

GDP potential 12.6% decline in the second quarter It was “the steepest decline on record” compared to the same period last year, according to economists.

Singapore is one of the lowest birthrate countries in the world, a statistic that a series of government attempts to reverse.

According to the national statistical agency, the fertility rate is currently only 1.14 per woman.

It is level with Hong Kong. According to the World Bank. Only South Korean and American territories, Puerto Rico, have lower rates.

For the country to repopulate naturally A woman should have an average of 2.1 babies. Most developed countries are currently below that level. Fertility rates have declined worldwide as the proportion of couples has declined and the importance of traditional gender roles has declined.

Since the 1980s, Singapore has struggled to reverse the trend through public campaigns encouraging childbirth and unstoppable fiscal and tax incentives.

The government said in 2011, “Like many developed countries, the main population problem in Singapore is low birth rate and aging population. report. “Our goal is to achieve a sustainable population that supports economic growth and social inclusion, ensuring Singapore remains vibrant and livable.”
The country has avoided the worst epidemic. Isolate suspected cases earlyWhen the infected cluster becomes apparent, it imposes a strict lock Technology innovation Rushing through the contact tracking network. According to Johns Hopkins University, only 27 people died from Corona 19.
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CNN’s Isaac Yee contributed to this report.

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