Six days in Fallujah: The game, which was canceled due to controversy, will be re-launched this year

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Victura and Highwire Sports announced on Thursday (11) that they have resumed growth Six days in Fallujah The first person sniper to rebuild battles from real battles will be freed PC And more consoles in 2021. There are names of experts who worked on the developers Hollow e Rule.

Even before it was released, the game was already surrounded by controversy. It was canceled in 2009 Gonami After allegations that it would be based on a scene where war crimes were committed. The city of Fallujah (Portuguese Fallujah) was destroyed during the 2004 Iraq war, and humanitarian organizations have accused US and British soldiers of massacring locals.

According to historical records, about 1,000 residents of Fallujah died during military operations in the country in the Middle East. In mid-2009, discussions about sports meant that no art or cultural production could glorify the crimes committed in the region. Moreover, the game was accused of glorifying American nationalism.

New release

In a press release on Thursday, Victura and Highwire Games explained how they work in production. According to the companies, the title will be new compared to what it was before it was canceled.

The companies explained that the game was being developed in conjunction with the Marines and soldiers who were at the forefront of the war in Fallujah. In this regard, more than 100 Iraqi military personnel and civilians made personal contributions, photos and videos to the project.

This game promises a reality never seen before in war games

“This generation has shown unprecedented sacrifice and courage in Iraq. Now they offer the rest of us a new way of understanding one of the most important events of our century. It’s time to challenge outdated stereotypes about what video games are,” argued Victor’s CEO Peter Tamte. Peter is the former CEO of Atomic Games, the studio that jointly developed the game with Konami.

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Former Navy Sgt. Eddie Garcia, who was wounded during the Battle of Fallujah and put forward the original idea for it, said, “Sometimes the only way to understand what is true is to experience reality for yourself.” Six days in Fallujah, In 2005.

Six days in FallujahFormer Navy Sergeant Eddie Garcia was re-created in the game

Finally, the companies responsible for the topic said they would release the news in the coming weeks. Six days in Fallujah Released for PC and consoles in 2021 (they are not yet specified).

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