Sky Show: Thursday and Saturday are dazzling; Northern lights are possible

Jupiter and Saturn on Dec. 21.

Keep an eye on the southwest sky after sunset for the next two weeks.

Jupiter (bright red) and Saturn (small white) are bright in the southwest sky near the horizon.

Thursday and Saturday on December 14th.


The two planets are approaching, and will appear closer to the winter solstice on December 21 than they have in the last 800 years.

A large connection near the winter solstice is sometimes called the Christmas star. This rare planetary alignment has not occurred in about 800 years.

Is Northern Lighting Possible?

A solar storm erupts an energy called “coronal mass ejection” towards the earth.

Coronal mass discharge

Coronal mass discharge


Northern lights are most likely over the next two nights when the eruption comes in contact with the Earth’s magnetic field. Forecast for the “Auroral Oval” North lights near North America are more likely after midnight Wednesday night until Thursday morning.

Auroral Oval just after midnight on December 10th

Auroral Oval just after midnight on Thursday.

NOAA Space Weather Center

Wednesday night There are some clouds in some parts of Minnesota, but keep an eye out if you have clear skies.

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