Snapdragon 480 5G: Revolution in Cheap Smartphones!

Snapdragon 480 5G: Revolution in Cheap Smartphones!

Although 5G smartphones are becoming more and more popular in recent times, most of them are in the mid-range and better range. However, this may change soon, as Qualcomm plans to announce the Snapdragon 480 5G chipset today (January 4, 2020). So we have more bandwidth, of course Downloads Fast on most accessible devices.

Snapdragon 480 5G: Revolution in Cheap Smartphones!

According to the famous leak Mukul Sharma’s tweet (uff Item lists), The chip agent is set to unveil the Snapdragon 480 5G processor today. The new chip is based on the 8Nm process and has eight Kiro 460 cores that can operate up to 2 kHz. According to the tweet, the new chipset offers 100 percent performance over the previous generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 and Adreno 619 graphics card. In other words, twice the speed! This chip will make all the difference in the entry level smartphone.

Lexster added that the new chipset will support screens with an upgrade rate of up to 120 Hz. That means we can get cheaper equipment with higher renewal rate soon. Finally, you can read on Twitter that the new chip also supports WiFi 6 standards.If this is confirmed, Qualcomm will cause a real revolution in cheap smartphones.

Unfortunately none of this has been confirmed yet. Anyway, this leak makes perfect sense. Even if we think it might be more than 120 Hz in terms of renewal rate.

Snapdragon 480 5G

In fact, entry-level smartphones are increasingly being developed. We started to find details here or there and until now we were only at the top of the range. This is undoubtedly the best news. After all, anyone who can’t afford to pay so much for equipment can get specifications that guarantee better performance.

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