‘SNL’ addresses Mall Santos during Staten Island corona virus outbreak

'SNL' addresses Mall Santos during Staten Island corona virus outbreak

Saturday Night Live “ Made several sketches this weekend Corona virus, Including one last week Staten Island, NY, Demonstration Following the arrest of a bar owner who allegedly violated government regulations on indoor dining.

Staten Island-based cast member Pete Davidson said Mac’s Public House is located in an area of ​​New York City that is second only to those infected with the virus – and restaurants there are only allowed to serve food outside.

“None of the owners want to do that because they will leave the business,” Davidson said Said, “But the argument that people on Staten Island don’t want to drink outside can be proven by going to any Little League game.”

He added that protesters “made everyone on Staten Island look like children.”

Representatives of the New York City Sheriff’s stand outside Mack’s Public House after co – owner Danny Presti was arrested Tuesday, December 1, 2020, in the New York metropolitan area of ​​Staten Island. (Associated Press)

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online

“People in Boston are like, ‘Oh, you’re drinking at home, you bastards!’

Because of the demonstration, he asked, “What’s so bad about Staten Island?” Davidson said the first thing people think when they say that is no more.

Bar co-owner Danny Presty Said “Fox & Friends” After his arrest, he said, “We are losing confidence in the ability of our local and city governments to help us.” But he said he would not stop fighting to save his business.

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“Something has to help us or open our seats. These government agencies and city agencies are threatening to come and fine us or pull our licenses every day, that’s not right,” Fresti said.

“SNL” made several sketches related to the virus.

Imagine how a Christmas sketch can get safely into the shopping-mall Santos season – by being inside a plastic bubble.

“Santa’s Community Distant Santa Village” featured Jingle Bells as a “virtual non-contact deity” who delivers a hand cleanser from a hole in his stomach.

Cast member Cecilie Strong as Host Jason Batman as Santa and Mrs. Claus fail to secure their base within their plastic bubbles, and roll back and forth.

In Beat Davidson "Live Saturday night." (Getty Images)

Pete Davidson in “Saturday Night Live”. (Getty Images)

What is the Coronavirus Vaccine Hazard in the United States?

Another sketch illustrates the awkwardness and guilt that occurs when a daughter tells her mother that she cannot come home during the holidays because of the risks posed by the virus.

“You don’t need to come home for Christmas, right? I want you to be safe, ”says Heidi Gardner, a mother and cast member, via FaceTime to her daughter. “I think because you will not come, I will throw your reserves into the fire.”

Earlier, during the “Weekend Update” section, co-anchor Michael Che joked that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that the first people to receive the Govt-19 vaccine should be health workers and nursing home residents, “the first people will actually be Colin’s guests to get it. [Jost] And scarlets [Johansson] Holiday boat party. “

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Che has often anchored that he is a Hollywood elite since he married the Che-A-List actress.

“I have had mixed feelings about this vaccine,” he continued. “On the one hand, I’m black, so naturally I don’t believe it, but on the other hand I’m on a white TV show so I can get something real.”

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Less than half of African-American adults said they feel good about getting the vaccine when it is available, which is somewhat related to the history of ethnic clinical trials in a section of government, according to a study by the COVID Cooperative. NBC News Announced.

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