Sony announces PS Plus games for January 2021

Sony announces PS Plus games for January 2021

Sony today announced the replacement of the Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena and Worms Rumble games in the monthly offerings of the PlayStation Plus service, which now has two consoles to serve, the PS4 and the PS5, the latter, which has been on offer since November 2020.

So, to get 2021 right on foot, Plus subscribers will be able to download Shadow of Tomb Rider, Creedfall, Dawn of Fear and Monitor, the latter only available on the PS5.

Sony thus opens 2021 on the right foot, ahead of offers with the latest game in the latest trilogy of Laura Croft Tomb Rider history. If you have not done so by then, we invite you to check out our review of Tomb Raider Shadow.

The PlayStation Plus is one of Sony’s two subscription services, available in three different modes, monthly, 3 months and a year, the latter being the most favorable, today Sony players are seen as almost a necessity for a service.

Don’t miss the “What to expect from the PlayStation Plus on the next generation PS5” feature about Sony’s subscription service, and get the chance to browse the gallery below, where you can remember the best offers of the PS4 for a lifetime on the PS4.

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