Sony unveils new Bravia XR 8K LED, 4K OLED and 4K LED

Sony today announced the world’s first televisions with intellectual intelligence. New Bravia XR TVs include the Master Series Z9J8K LED, Master Series A90J and A80J OLED models, as well as the X95J and X90J4K LED.

With the new BRAVIA XR’s cognitive processor XR, televisions use a completely new processing method beyond conventional artificial intelligence, designed to reflect the way humans see and hear. When we look at objects, we unknowingly focus on certain points.

Cognitive Processor XR, with Cognitive Intelligence, divides the screen into several zones and locates the location of the “focal point” of the image. While conventional AI can only detect and analyze certain elements of the image individually, such as color, contrast, and detail, the new cognitive processor XR can cross-analyze multiple components simultaneously, just like our brains.

In doing so, all the elements are adjusted together for the best end result, so that everything in the scene is synchronized and realistic – something that conventional AI cannot achieve.

The cognitive processor analyzes the position of the sound on the XR signal so that it fits exactly with the action running on the sound screen. In addition, it enhances any sound for 3D surround sound, providing supreme realism with high-speed soundtrack. Learn, analyze and understand unprecedented levels of data and intelligently enhance every pixel, frame and display for the most realistic picture and sound Sony has ever provided.

Masomi Ando, ​​director of Sony’s TV business division, said: “Sony’s goal is to continue to innovate in television technology.”

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