SP court bans Sony from blocking PlayStation 5 from player violating good rules

SP court bans Sony from blocking PlayStation 5 from player violating good rules

SP court bans Sony from blocking PlayStation 5 from player violating good rules

A Sவோo Paulo court has ruled that Sony cannot permanently block the PlayStation 5 console from a user who violates the rules of video game behavior. In practice, what is called a lock is to make the hardware unusable.
A player with personal access to the PS Plus collection that allows you to download certain PS4 games on the new Sony console, called PS5 – lagging compatibility, which allows you to play older games on newer consoles – many downloaded games for you and other users.
This player blocked his PlayStation, which is a penalty imposed by Sony for sharing the content of a personal service with a third party.
The user then went to court against the manufacturer and asked to open.
In conclusion, the user knew that access to the PS Plus collection was private, making it “impossible to share content with other users”.
The text states that Sony has proven to the judge that users of its services and products are warned of prohibited behavior and possible penalties, but that it does so “without a minimum specification of form, duration and so on.”
In conclusion, Sony “failed to provide adequate information to the plaintiff [usuário bloqueado] About the penalty for non-compliance with the terms of the contract “.
Judge Carolina Soek said there was no problem with suspending the user’s account or blocking the console. The problem will be permanent suspension – even if it is provided for in the contract, it is against the rules in the Consumer Protection Code because “it exposes consumers to excessive harm”.
The understanding is that Sony can cause permanent damage to a person’s property – in this case, a new PlayStation 5, which costs about 500, 4,500 – is always useless.
The user also demanded moral damages, but the judge disagreed: “Illegal conduct as the cause of the defendant [Sony] This is a breach of duty to report and an unequal contract penalty, which does not imply a breach of respect, intimacy or reputation. “
In December last year, the National Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice informed Sony to inquire into the policy of refunding money for games purchased by the company at the PlayStation Store and sent digitally.
The folder estimates that the company’s practices are not sufficient for the right to grievance, which allows the customer to return products purchased over the Internet within seven days.
Consumers have been complaining in recent weeks about the performance of the “Cyberbunk 2077” game on the PlayStation 4. Sony has promised a full refund to anyone who buys the game and it will be withdrawn from the PlayStation Store indefinitely.

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