SpaceX acquired two oil bases to convert into launch pads

Ilustração de plataforma petrolífera que a SpaceX irá comprar

Elon Musk is bold in his plans, not looking for ways to achieve goals. So, in projects where you invest your time and money, the millionaire seeks to keep everything they need in their ecosystem. In this particular case, Musk’s space agency SpaceX wants to have launch pads in the middle of the ocean. Thus, ships from there will sail from the sea to Mars … or beyond!

To further launch the project, SpaceX acquired two oil bases located in the Gulf of Mexico.

SpaceX buys oil bases to propel the spacecraft into space

The next SpaceX spacecraft is being built in Texas. CEO Elon Musk has previously said that the company plans to build floating platforms for the ship's operations. The company, which is looking for someone who can bring knowledge in this area, has published a job advertisement claiming to want to hire a foreign operational engineer. This new position will oversee the development of new structures.

SpaceX purchased two oil bases to convert for this purpose. Confirmed this information CNBC.

SpaceX called these sites Timos and Phobos, the names of two moons on Mars. In addition, they were originally designed for deep-sea drilling, with a maximum depth of 2.6 km. According to the report, the structures are currently located in the port city of Brownsville, in the Gulf of Mexico, near the SpaceX space development site.

These ships are 73 m and 78 m in size and, in theory, will be re-used to launch the galaxy (and return to Earth due to reusable design). So far, SpaceX has landed its flagship Starship Boca Sikka, Although it has so far only made flights at low altitudes.

Elon Musk, Image of SpaceX Autonomous Boats

Infrastructure wants to build a modern space port

The company operates two drones, about 90 meters long and 52 meters wide, as autonomous floating platforms for its current Falcon 9 boosters.

In addition to the engineer's announcement, SpaceX released another. So now you are looking for a development manager for a "resort". According to reports, this status will transform the facilities in South Texas into a "21st Century Space Port". Must have experience in these types of structures.

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