SpaceX asks to test Starling satellite internet with a bay jet

SpaceX asks to test Starling satellite internet with a bay jet

A Gulf Stream G650 on the plane

Gulf Stream

The company said in a recent request to the Federal Communications Commission that SpaceX wants to further expand its testing of the Starling satellite Internet by connecting the network to aircraft.

Elon Muskin On November 6, the space agency asked the FCC if the SpaceX Starling user terminals could “be added to a Gulf Stream jet for up to two years.”

“SpaceX seeks test authority for a user terminal to operate on the United States (including its territories and regional waters) while (1) one of the five private jets is grounded at an airport,” the company wrote in the FCC filing.

User terminals are small devices on the ground that connect to the company’s satellite internet network. There is SpaceX The service began sending user terminals to early beta testers. While the FCC describes aircraft-mounted terminals as “electrically identical”, the Starling user terminal for jet aircraft is assumed to have a different body design than the consumer terminals in use on the ground – the musk is a “UFO on a stick.”

A Starling user terminal that connects consumers with the company’s satellite Internet service.


The Falcon 9 rocket booster, which landed from SpaceX’s Demo-2 crew, returns to Port Canaveral in Florida.


Starling is a project of SpaceX To create an interconnected web network with thousands of satellites, Designed to provide high speed internet anywhere on the planet. In October the company launched a public beta test of Starling, with the service costing $ 99 per month.

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To date, SpaceX has launched nearly 900 Starling satellites – only a fraction of the total required for global defense, but only enough to begin service in some areas, including the Northwest United States. The company began working with a few Companies in rural areas that currently include orbiting Starling satellites such as Washington State.

The network is an ambitious venture that could cost $ 10 billion or more to build, SpaceX said. But the company’s chief Starling estimates that it could bring in $ 30 billion a year or more than 10 times the annual revenue of its rocket business.

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