SpaceX engineers are no better than Starling’s Reddit AMA Beta

SpaceX engineers are no better than Starling's Reddit AMA Beta

Beginning Saturday at noon PT / 3PM ET Saturday, a team of SpaceX engineers working on the Starling satellite program will be answering questions about nothing better beta project than Reddit. The ultimate goal of the Starling project is to provide global cyber security from space, and SpaceX Introduces Public Beta Tested last month Introduces a private beta In the summer.

Beta users had to buy all Starling floor equipment for 99 499 and then pay a $ 99 monthly fee to participate actively. In an email to those invited to the public beta, users said, “Data speeds will vary from 50Mb / s to 150Mb / s over the next several months and delays will vary from 20ms to 40ms as we upgrade the Starling system.” The email pointed out that there would be no short periods without connectivity, and that the company was preparing to launch more satellites and that installing more ground equipment would improve the delay and data speed.

SpaceX has already been launched 900 of the 12,000 satellites planned for the Starling system are in low Earth orbit. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said the company needed 800 satellites to deliver “significant operational capabilities”.

To ask questions from Starling engineers (there is already a queue with over 500 comments), go Official Starling Reddit page. AMA runs from noon to 1PM PST.

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