SpaceX sets the record for launching satellites simultaneously

SpaceX sets the record for launching satellites simultaneously

Last weekend, SpaceX 143 satellites were launched into Earth orbit from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The launch was made under the SmallSat Rightshare program, which allows launches to be shared by multiple satellites from different companies.

The Transporter-1 mission is the first project of the Smallsat Riteshare project announced in 2019, which will allow the sharing of a vehicle launched by multiple satellites and a million dollars for the first 220 kg. Although it is not cheap, this partition is relatively inexpensive than buying a personal trip on a rocket.

After postponing the launch site from Saturday to Sunday due to bad weather, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket took off from Cape Canaveral at 10 a.m. (Florida time) and carried a mixture of cubes (the size of a box). Shoes) and microsatellites, placing them in polar orbit at an altitude of 500 km. This is the second time SpaceX has undertaken a polar orbit mission from Florida.

It is the third missile to be launched by SpaceX in 2021, breaking the record number of satellites carried by a single vehicle. The previous record was set in 2017 with the launch of an Indian vehicle carrying 104 satellites. Of the 143 satellites aboard the Falcon 9, 48 included 17 small communications satellites from the Canadian company Kepler and 30 small US and European satellites sent by the German company Exolange for Earth observation (known as Super Doves from Planet).

On the ship, they also followed small capsules containing ashes from the dead, which were sent into space by the Celestis Company. 10 more satellites of the Starling galaxy have been launched, approaching 1000 satellites in orbit. The Starling SpaceX is a company owned by and aims to provide global Internet access via satellite.

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