SpaceX start of first South Korean military satellite delayed

SpaceX launch of first South Korean military satellite delayed

The Falcon 9 booster for the Anasis-II mission is a background-earning rocket. It was the booster utilized to provide NASA astronauts to the ISS in May perhaps.


SpaceX has postponed a Falcon 9 start 3 instances in the span of five days, with the most recent delay influencing the Anasis-II mission to deliver a South Korean army satellite to orbit. The enterprise tweeted Monday that it was pushing back again blast-off “to take a nearer seem at the next phase, swap hardware if necessary.”

SpaceX also postponed its latest Starlink start past Wednesday and then once again on Saturday.

The Anasis-II mission will sooner or later carry off from Cape Canaveral Air Pressure Station in Florida. If it happens prior to the Starlink mission, which is at present awaiting a new launch date, it will be SpaceX’s 12th launch this yr, the 90th flight of a Falcon 9 and the 2nd general for this certain booster, which was initially flown in May possibly to supply NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Place Station — the very first time a business corporation has accomplished so. Ergo, it is really bought some record.

There is a backup launch window scheduled for the identical time on July 15, but we will have to wait around and see how immediately the specialized problems can be labored out. 

The payload, Anasis-II, is South Korea’s to start with army communications satellite. Because of its use in the armed service, there is certainly not a ton of details about Anasis-II, but for the simple fact it is based mostly off the Eurostar E3000 satellite bus, according to the Day-to-day Astronaut

We’ll update this submit after we have a new start day. 

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