SpaceX’s Mystery October Launch, Confirmed by US Spy Satellite

SpaceX's Mystery October Launch, Confirmed by US Spy Satellite

A week later The signs of the mission first appeared., The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has confirmed that SpaceX’s mystery October launch will carry a new spy satellite.

Known as NROL-108, this mission is interesting for a number of reasons, including the implied launch trajectory, the rockets likely to launch, and the secrets around it. Both the launch of the NRO satellite and what the agency does in general is very secretive, but it is still extremely rare for a U.S. government launch to be kept secret a month before launch.

For SpaceX, the mysterious Zuma mission is the only U.S. mission to bring the most recent memorable secret level to the top. NROL-108 is hidden and essentially unpublished. and No ownership claims were made by government agencies before, during or after launch. However, a separate launch, completed about half a year before Zuma, helps to uncover SpaceX’s latest surprise contract.

Block 3 Falcon 9 Booster. (Tom Cross)

The only mission that the NROL-108 conjures up is actually the first launch for SpaceX’s NRO-NROL-76. The payload (estimated to be involved in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) testing of melee operations), launched in May 2017, remains classified and is almost entirely a mystery to this day. The most remarkable thing about this mission is the fact that the spacecraft repeatedly approached the International Space Station (ISS). This was an incredibly rare case as long as NASA and Russia maintain tight control over what can and can’t access the crew outpost.

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Like the NROL-76, the NROL-108 is launched as a Falcon 9 rocket, and the mission booster can attempt to land a return-to-launch-site (RTLS). For the Falcon 9, the RTLS booster landing basically means the fired payload is light and headed to the LEO, or a combination of the two. NROL-76 was similar in that respect, NRO unveils NROL-76 We confirmed that SpaceX will start the mission 10 months before launch.

For the NROL-108, the NRO only confirmed plans to launch SpaceX. after FCC documents have revealed some sort of mystery mission scheduled for October 2020. Even for the NRO, it is completely abnormal to disclose a launch less than a month before takeoff.

It is also unusual. Unless SpaceX somehow slipped an entire building-sized Falcon 9 booster from Los Angeles to Cape Canaveral, the NROL-108 will mark the first launch of a rocket that the spy agency has proven to be commercial flight. SpaceX technically has at least three new Falcon 9 boosters at various stages preparing for NASA and U.S. military launches in October (GPS III SV04) and November (Crew-1, Sentinel 6A), but all three firmly Is mentioned.

According to Official confirmation of SpaceflightNow and NRO, The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch the NROL-108 before October 25 (NET). The company includes GPS III SV04 (TBD in October), Sirius XM’s latest radio satellite (NET early November), Sentinel 6A oceanography satellite (NET November 10), and Crew Dragon’s first astronaut launch (NET). We are facing an extensive Q4 2020 manifest. Mid-November), Cargo Dragon 2 (NET November 22), Turkish Communications Satellite (NET November 30) and a few more Starlink missions were first launched.

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