SpaceX’s Starling still offers fast internet speeds in bad weather

SpaceX's Starling still offers fast internet speeds in bad weather
  • Users of SpaceX’s Starling satellite-internet service were impressed by the download speed and high-speed winds in the snow Starlink Community in Reddit.
  • One user reported cool speeds reaching 175 Mbps, which is 20 Mbps faster than usual.
  • The Starling terminal carried a user’s 175-mile leaf blast.
  • The terminal – or “UFO on a stick” – heats up enough to melt the ice on top of it. But some users said the internet speed slows down as the snow grows early.
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SpaceX’s Starling satellite-Internet service can reach users with speeds of up to 175 Mbps, even in high winds, deep snow and freezing temperatures.

Users of SpaceX’s “Nothing Better Beta” test have released pictures and videos Reddit Starling Community The Starling terminal proves to operate in more extreme weather conditions – in some cases, even faster.

Terminal – or “UFO on a stick“- comes as part of the Starling Kit, which includes a tripod and WiFi router for $ 499, and $ 99 for a monthly subscription.

A Email on October 26th, Users of the SpaceX public beta test said – a Network of nearly 900 satellites Paying for Internet service underground – Expect download speeds of 50 to 150 Mbps.

Since users reported online last week, it seems that Starling Internet service has not been significantly affected due to wet and windy weather.

Users will not be able to reveal their identities due to the undisclosed agreement signed with SpaceX upon receipt of the kit.

Ice melts from the Starling terminal at freezing temperatures

A user living in North America told Business Insider on Monday that their Starling internet speed averages 20 Mbps in cold air at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. “I’m coming about 175 Mbps download average This morning, it was 150-160, “they said.

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Almost all users who announced the November speed List compiled by Reddit’s Starling Community He said they get download speeds faster than 150 Mbps.

Fastest download speed ever 208.63 MPBS, Registered in Seattle.

The ice melts at the Starling user terminal

Ice melts at Starling Terminal


User also posted Six thermal imaging images It showed that the melting material from the terminal lands on the surface of the terminal ice, 32 to 40 degrees.

Thermal Imaging: 20 ° ambient, 40 ்க் terminal at Starlink terminal

Thermal Imaging: Starling Terminal 20 Around, 40 Terminal


Another Reddit user Posted a video They measure the outside temperature with a Starling terminal mounted on their roof.

The thermometer read outside 24.5 to 39.3 degrees Fahrenheit, but the terminal “warms up enough to prevent four inches of snow,” the user said in the video.

The user told Business Insider on Tuesday that they have several devices on their home network, including six laptops, six smart phones, three Xboxes, two tablets and a PC.

They said they did not notice any speed variations since the snow started.

But there have been reports of internet service slowing down as heavy snow begins to fall over the terminal.

One user, in North America, weighed their Starling tripod on their outdoor desk before a 50-mile snowstorm struck. The snow reached three inches in an hour, and Starling use showed “bad contact”.

The user told Business Insider that the download speed has been reduced from 20 to 30 Mbps and the upload speed has been reduced to 3 to 4 Mbps.

“Of course when there are some more delays and slower speeds [snow] Come down hard, build up on the dish, and the wind blows, but it quickly recovers as it slowly turns. “

“I’m still 100 on average [Mbps] Download and 15 [Mbps] Upload, ”they said.

Reddit user's Starling terminal in the snow

Reddit user’s Starling terminal in the snow

Reddit user

“It will be a dream come true for those in the middle of nowhere who currently have no choice,” they added.

User Reddit said he would like to mount the terminal on the roof, but did not know if he would trust it with wind in Montana.

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The Starling Terminal will be windy at 175 mph

Despite concerns about a strong wind blowing Starling terminal, one user subjected the Starling terminal to a final test and detonated it. 175 miles leaf blower.

Download speeds ranged from 110 to 120 Mbps, depending on the speed tests the user performed before and after their test.

The user finds that if air is blown at the terminal, it automatically adjusts to be connected to the satellite.

All four reports are from North America, where Muskin started the company Testing service, As well as in southern Canada.

In October, SpaceX agreed Providing the Internet in the Texas School District This is the first time that SpaceX’s Starlink has been offered in South America – via its Starlink network of satellites.

In early 2021, the space agency will initially provide its satellite Internet to 45 families without broadband access, and then to an additional 90 families.

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