Spain and the United Kingdom reach an agreement on Gibraltar

Spain and the United Kingdom reach an agreement on Gibraltar

Spanish Foreign Minister Aranza Gonzalez Laya on Thursday announced a policy agreement with the UK that would allow Gibraltar to use the Schengen agreement.

“The practical result is that the fence will be broken, which will help the movement.”, The Minister said at a press conference at the Monclova Palace to report on the status of talks with the United Kingdom regarding Gibraltar.

The policy of the reached agreement will allow Gibraltar to apply EU policies and programs, such as the Schengen Agreement or the customs regime for the transportation and transportation of goods and the activities of fair competition in the financial, environmental, labor and social sectors.

“We are breaking barriers to creating a part of shared prosperity”, Said Gonzalez Laya.

Under the terms of the agreement, Schengen will be applied to Gibraltar, the country responsible for Spanish control, and the borders at the port and airport will be changed.

During the four-year transition period, Frontex will help with these restrictions.

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