‘Special’ night for Philip Rivers as he passes Don Marino on the all-time passing list in the Golds victory

'Special' night for Philip Rivers as he passes Don Marino on the all-time passing list in the Golds victory

One night as the Golds rolled through all three stages, Philip Rivers was able to add extra compliments to his already impressive application.

Reverse finished his first pass with three yards to go to fifth on the NFL’s all – time passing yards list – 11-yard strike for Rookie Jonathan Taylor – 61,361 yards for Dan Marino to cross the Hall of Fame (and childhood hero). He finished with 308 yards and a touchdown in the Golds 34-17 wins On the Titans.

“It’s special, it’s special,” Rivers said of the achievement. “Those on that list, I do not know if I’ve in their section, that’s right, but Don Marino was on my wall. He’s been a poster on my wall as a boy in Dicatour and Athens, Alabama, so it’s special.

“Thank you for being able to play for so long. I’m now playing over 230 in a row, watching Don Marino, meeting Don Marino in the Senior Bowl and playing against his teams. At 38, I’m still out here competing, playing the game I love is all special and Thanks. “

Big Night of the Rivers now adds him to the top five, including all-time leader Drew Breece (79,536), Tom Brady (76,969), Beyton Manning (71,940) and Brett Bowrey (71,838).

After the Frank Reich game, he and Rivers and attack coordinator Nick Sirianni said they discussed going through the week without any interruption and decided about 24 hours before the kickoff that it would be a game plan. It turned out to be a brilliant decision.

“It’s Philip, he’s in control. It puts him in the driver’s seat, allows him to see everything and add us to the right game when he’s usually done tonight,” Reich said. “He’s very good in that mode, he’s accurate. Good results, good checks on the run game, good situational football. So, he’s on point tonight, of course.”

After turning a bad scene against the Ravens in Week 9, the Rivers and Golds looked excited for a major division match. They will now have a mini-bag on November 22 to relax and prepare for the bakers.

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