Spotify guarantees a tough blow to users of the free program!

Spotify guarantees a tough blow to users of the free program!

Spotify has unveiled a number of new features over the past few days, the most notable of which was the introduction of a program Premium With support for hi-fi music, without losing quality. Now, the latest information for users of the free program may not be very favorable.

New action has been taken to limit the features available for free assistant accounts, and no longer play music on devices with Google Assistant. Therefore, Spotify Premium will be exclusively for users on Google devices from now on.

For now, it looks like this functionality will continue to be available for devices with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa and devices with AirPlay support.

Spotify will continue to control the features of its free program

Over the past few months, users have received a number of features, including the free program only. Using the service without subscribing to the program, with various additions Premium It’s more and more sweet, one of the few things about advertising.

The new limit is not a big surprise as users with free program for a long time can only access the service on the computer. For now, playback is possible on Android, Smart TV and iOS devices. But don’t be surprised if more restrictions come.

It will be interesting to see how the new Spotify strategies are implemented, which should win the loyalty of its users, converting as many subscribers as possible to the premium plan. This is the only way to maintain their leadership in this increasingly competitive segment.

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