Spotify’s exclusive Michelle Obama podcast is available on other platforms.

Spotify's exclusive Michelle Obama podcast is available on other platforms.

Spotify made major headlines last year. Announcement Exclusive podcast contract with Obamas’ production studio Higher Ground. Today, the company has created an embarrassing face. The company Say The first season will be released. Michelle Obama Podcast Two weeks after the show season 1 finale-at “Many” of other podcast listening platforms starting tomorrow, September 30th.

The company hasn’t specifically revealed which platform the show will be on, but it is in conversation with several platforms including Stitcher, Google, Apple and iHeart. A Spotify spokesperson said the upcoming season will “debut exclusively” on Spotify once the show is renewed, but has not revealed whether the show will be released on the window or will be serviced entirely exclusively.

Obama’s expansion of the show can help Spotify find a larger audience and can bring listeners back to the platform. We tested this strategy on other shows, including: Dope Labs, Son of an assassin, And Charge with DVF, I’m not sure if the show is getting listeners on Spotify. (Ads on some previously exclusive shows also promote Spotify on other platforms.) It’s also not clear whether the Higher Ground deal has always described a wider release. Spotify spokesperson won’t comment.

This news corresponds to a 180 degree reversal of the audio company’s position. Although we’ve tried the strategy with other shows, Obamas are some of the biggest stars Spotify has decided to make available outside of the platform, and is probably the biggest investment. The company has garnered attention for its podcast ambitions due to its spectacular acquisitions and releases of famous exclusive shows such as: One with Kim Kardashian West. In fact, Spotify’s press release on the Higher Ground deal said the partnership would “create platform-only podcasts,” so it’s odd that Spotify makes this first show widely available after all the exclusive hype.

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At the same time, some exclusive hosts have mentioned unfair trade in recent months. Joe Budden, one of the original exclusive Spotify hosts Blame the platform Last month, on September 23rd, after the contract expired, he decided to leave. No episodes have been posted on his feed since September 19th. Host Nod, It was originally a Gimlet Media show, Also said In June, they wanted to own the podcast because Spotify, which acquired Gimlet, now owns the show’s IP.

While the wider release of the Obama show doesn’t seem to come from similar issues with Spotify, it still feels like it’s coming from left field.

UPDATE 9/29, 5:41 PM ET: It has been updated to reflect that upcoming seasons of the Michelle Obama podcast will debut exclusively on Spotify.

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