Sri Lanka rescues 100 whales ashore after mass stranding

Sri Lanka rescues 100 whales ashore after mass stranding

Dozens of short-finned pilot whales began landing in Panadura, 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of Colombo on Monday afternoon, and authorities were mobilized to help them return to sea.

Locals took care of the whales with Sri Lankan Navy and Coast Guard officials.

Sri Lanka’s Marine Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA) told AFP it was the largest single whale pod stranded in a South Asian country.

Dharshani Lahandapura, director of MEPA, told AFP that “it is very rare for so many people to reach our shores,” adding that the cause of the stranding is unknown.

The rescue team worked all night with the help of the Navy, Coast Guard, lifeguards and residents.

Australian officials are racing to save hundreds of stranded pilot whales.  A third is already dead

A Sri Lankan Navy statement said, “At the request of Deputy Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne, Naval Commander, we used a jet ski provided by a local water sports club to bring the whales back into the sea day and night.”

The deaths of four whales are under investigation. The Navy said the whale could have been stranded after following a whale off course.

In September Almost 500 whales on the beach in Tasmania, Australia, the largest beach in the state. At least one third died during rescue attempts.

Whales are very sociable animals and travel by pod, but the cause of mass stranding is unclear.

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