Stadia Cyberbunk 2077 completes the ad ahead of schedule

Stadia Cyberbunk 2077 completes the ad ahead of schedule

Stadia is one of the best places to play Cyberpunk 2077, the biggest new game to thank for performance, but you can get a free console thanks to a free Premier Edition bundle. Unfortunately, that promotion ends a few days earlier.

Confirmed at Stadia Subtitle Tonight, Google has suspended this ad in all regions until December 13th. The Cyberbank promotion ended December 10 for Stadia users in Canada.

Originally scheduled to end on December 17th, Google offered free premier edition bundles with Stadia pre-orders and early orders for Cyberbank 2077. The codes began to roll Last week, Provided players with a free Chromecast and Stadia Controller to play on their TV. The bundle usually has a $ 99 price tag, but there is no extra charge when purchasing the game for its retail price of $ 59.

Google notes that those who purchased the Cyberbunk 2077 at Stadia before 4pm on December 13th, about 30 minutes ago, at this point, that purchase is still eligible for promotion and a code should come soon.

The initial result of this ad is not entirely unexpected, however, as Google has always noted, only when it is last supplied.

Hello everyone, due to the positive reception, we have now closed the Cyberbank 2077 ad in all countries. If you have placed an order before Dec. 13 at 4 p.m., You are eligible for promotion and will receive a code within 7 days of retrieving your premier version. Thanks to everyone who supported and I hope you all enjoy Knight City!

Note: For players based in Canada, keep in mind that the promotion ends on December 10th. For more information, see This post.

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