Star Trek: Discovery goes where the series has never been before.

Star Trek: Discovery goes where the series has never been before.

For the first time in almost 20 years Star trek It is a program that can be viewed at once. There Next generation Sequel series Picard For nostalgic people; There is a wacky animated comedy for fans who want to undo a few buttons on a Starfleet uniform and drink a beer. Lower deck. But the series I’m most interested in is Star Trek: Discovery, Because they boldly go elsewhere Star trek The series previously disappeared.

Know. tall order. But discovery hit real good. The third season begins with a clean break of the 23rd century. Yes, you can start there. The season 2 finale ended with the crew of the eponymous. USS Discovery From the 23rd to the 32nd century, we leap 950 years into the future. An era when the Star Trek show was not set.

Connected with a goofy but plausible reason to clear casts and ships from recorded history, there’s now a franchise vanguard in show. discovery To tell a whole new story, we worked extremely hard to break our ties to the complex past. It’s Simone Biles in narrative gymnastics, and yes.

But first there is a back flip. The series protagonist, Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), begins the season the way the previous season ends. discovery The crew who follows her.

Burnham at the season premiere currently streaming on CBS All Access Travel I’ve seen the character. Thanks to the nature of the spatiotemporal continuum, she does not know where (or when) the rest of it. discovery I will arrive. In the first four episodes available to critics, Burnham and the rest of the crew unite and travel through a transformed galaxy, primarily on independent adventures. The institutions they take for granted have collapsed, and disasters they didn’t expect have brought back the balance of power between people and the world. That means discovery They always ask difficult questions. How do you hold values ​​when you are the only one who holds them? And: do you know when they are no longer enough?

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This is weird Star trek It’s all about. discovery Go all-in while doing some pretty cool sci-fi action. (Later episodes deal with Western homages and the triple metaphysical dilemma.) Some conflicts have been resolved a bit too neatly, but that’s a good readjustment. Apart from the narrative discovery Also, a step toward better real-world expression — new faces include Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander. Star Trek — However, the success of these leaps will largely depend on whether later episodes will introduce new characters in new directions beyond the introduced episodes.

Even so, discovery Good feel. The show tells stories of an unknown future and how to meet them, something that feels particularly important in times when it’s impossible to spend a day with dignity intact. We are all enduring a year of unique striving, and getting out of hell here is more attractive than ever. Wow discovery, You can launch rockets into different galaxies and times, and see your competent friends and colleagues trying to figure out the unknown.

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