Star Trek Discovery pays tribute to the Deep Space Nine Knock actor

Star Trek Discovery pays tribute to the Deep Space Nine Knock actor

Ensign Nok has risen in Starfleet's ratings.

Ensign Nok has risen in Starfleet’s ratings.
Picture: CBS

Last year, the man behind one Deep Space NineFerngi was wounded in the criminal battle Starfleet Officer Knock-Aaron Eisenberg, Passed away sadly At the age of 50. More than a year after he passed, Star Trek: Discovery He was honored With Touching tribute In the future.

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This week’s episode of Discovery, “Keep trying until you die, Opens with our time group that flew by themselves in the 32nd century At the climax In the second season – the devastating resource disaster known as Burn arrives at Starfleet and the Federation’s main operating platform. This is the first time This We had a chance to get a glimpse of what constellations of the 32nd century areThe farthest point we were at The main series Star Trek Like chronology.

But among all the new technologies (detachable nacelles! Programmable thing!) And funny screams Eleventh USS model Voyager, A blink of one of the new Starfleet ships and you will lose Discovery Flying on the way to Federation Headquarters A short, simple, tactile name: USS Still.

Quick snapshot if you miss it here!

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Picture: CBS

This is a small moment, but something significant in its meaning Star TrekOwn story. After all, Knock made history as the first frenzy at Starfleet, with DS9 and the most important Starfleet crew at the forefront Opponent During the Dominion War. Even from an enlightened community like the Confederacy, he is not only an example of what a ferret can do to overcome the prejudices faced by their species, but also the hero of Starfleet.

It is only relevant 800 years from the events Deep Space Nine, Is respectable enough to join people like his name Enterprise And Voyager More than memorable at the forefront of Starfleet. What a beautiful way to honor Eisenberg’s memory.

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