‘Star Trek: Discovery’, the first transgender, non-binary character added

'Star Trek: Discovery', the first transgender, non-binary character added

Star trek“Umbrella is becoming more comprehensive with the new addition of the universe’s first transgender and non-binary characters.

The character is played by series rookie and non-binary actors Blu del Barrio and “The OA”. Netflix Starian Alexander.

They and Barrio, who use pronouns with them, make their debut in season 3. CBS All Access Originally described as “Star Trek: Discovery” (as Adira)-“a highly intelligent with confidence and confidence well beyond years”.

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Also, his favorite pronoun is he and he, 19-year-old Alexander, “will play the role of Gray who empathizes, warms and eager to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a trill host, but he will have to adapt as his life takes on. An unexpected turn.”

The performers already have Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz, Lieutenant Paul Stamets and Dr. On Hugh Culber, it has made its way into an already comprehensive cast that is already seeing the franchise’s first public gay character played by an LGBTQ actor.

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“Adira is an amazingly complex character. Mainly because of this duality they are in them. They are surprisingly smart, yet still young children. They experience high levels of emotions like most teens.” Barrio Told GLAAD About the character in an interview on Wednesday. “That’s what makes them so much fun to play.”

Added a new co-star, Barrio: “I absolutely love him. I really enjoyed working with him. It was a godsend for him to join the show with me.”

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Non-binary actors Blue Del Barrio (right) and Ian Alexander (left) will appear in’Star Trek: Discovery’ as the franchise’s first transgender and non-binary characters.
(Star Trek)

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Series co-show runner Michelle Paradise said Entertainment tonight The franchise aims to give the underprivileged community the opportunity to showcase their talents.

“‘Star Trek’ has always made it our mission to provide visibility to underprivileged communities as we show people that an undivided future based on race, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation is entirely within our reach. “She said. Statement on the outlet.

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“We pride ourselves on working closely with Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander and Nick Adams at GLAAD to create special characters for Adira and Gray and bring their stories to life with empathy, understanding, empowerment and joy.”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time on October 15th.

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