State media say Iranian wrestler Navi de Afkari was executed. news

State media say Iranian wrestler Navi de Afkari was executed.  news

According to state media, Iranian wrestler Navi de Afkari was executed after being convicted of stabbing a guard.

“A sentence of retaliation for Hassan Turkman killer Navi de Afkari was executed this morning at the Adlabad Prison in Shiraz,” state TV quoted Kazem Musabi, chief justice of Pars province on Saturday.

Authorities accused Afkari, 27, of stabbing an employee of a water company in the southern city of Shiraz. Iran aired the wrestler’s confession, which aired last week.

However, Afkari said he was tortured and falsely confessed, according to his family and activists. His lawyer said there was no evidence of his guilt. But Iran’s judiciary denied allegations of torture.

Afkari and his brothers were employed as construction workers in Shiraz, 680 km south of the capital, Tehran.

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Shiraz’s district court also sentenced Akari’s brothers, Bahid Afkari and Habib Afkari, to 54 and 27 years in prison for the murders, respectively.

Al Jazeera Assed Baig as reported by Tehran Two different stories about murder.

“Outside Iran, I heard news that Navid Afkari was arrested for protests in 2018 and the charges of killing security personnel. Inside Iran it is very different. The judiciary made a statement some time ago. Navid Afkari accompanied the Shiraz water company. Arrested after the murder of a 52-year-old capital worker, the murder took place on July 23, 2018.

Baig said, “Navid Afkari was arrested by the police a few days later after being identified using CCTV footage. As far as the judiciary is concerned, his arrest and conviction have nothing to do with the protests that took place,” Baig said.

Trump’s appeal

Afcari’s sentence sparked a social media campaign that portrayed him and his brothers as victims to participate in protests in 2018. On Tuesday, a global union representing 85,000 players called for deportation from world sports if Iran executed Afkhari.

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US President Donald Trump has also expressed his concerns.

Trump tweeted earlier this month that Trump tweeted, “I would be very grateful to Iranian leaders if they don’t save this young man’s life and execute him.” “Thank you!”

Iran conducted an 11-minute state-run TV broadcast in Afghanistan, including Turkman’s crying parents in Trump’s tweet.

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The broadcast included footage of Afkari on a motorcycle, saying that he stabbed Turkman from behind without explaining why he carried out the attack.

The state-run TV division also showed blurry police documents and described the murder as a “personal dispute” without detailed explanation.

It said Afkari’s cell phone was in the area and showed surveillance footage of him walking down the street and talking on the phone.

Iran’s completion ceremony Tasnim news agency dismissed Trump’s tweet in a feature article. It said US sanctions had damaged Iranian hospitals due to the epidemic.

“Trump is concerned about the killer’s life while putting the lives of many Iranian patients at risk by imposing serious sanctions,” he said.

Baig pointed sTate TV interviewed Hassan Turkman’s parents, where they said that their son was murdered and he deserves retaliation.

He added that “foreign media didn’t bother talking to them when their son died and when his son left three children and left,” he added. So there are two very different stories.

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