Statics you should consider while betting on Football

There are a few statics you should consider when betting on football to make the right and successful bet. There are absolutely tons and tons of information revolving around the internet which makes making the right bet extremely difficult and considering stats is one of the best ways to do so. It was a really fair game before two decades because people just betted based on their understanding of stuff. But in the present day, there’s so much information that can influence your decision. In this article, we will be talking about how to create a stats bet and what to consider while doing so.

What’s the recent form? 

Start by listing out the recent performances, among the last 6 or so games, how many did they lose, win or tie. When you do that, you can make a decision based on their previous games, if all of them were really good, there’s a higher chance of winning this one too. But, know that there is no rule of thumb that a team that has one 6 matches will win the seventh too. The point we are trying to make is if the players of a team have won six games straight, their skill will probably get them the seventh match as well.

Don’t make your decision completely based on this stat but just consider this before making your final bet.

What are the goal averages? 

Goal stats are a really important thing to take account of and just never miss out on it. As important it is for the players to shoot their shots, it’s also important for them to stop the opponents. And if they are successful in doing that, there is a higher chance of winning. But, the fact you should consider is the attack and defense as well. Are they making their goals and stopping the opposite team from doing so? Then there’s a good amount of chance you are making the right bet.

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Consider the expected goals 

While technology has made everything else easier than ever, it has managed to complicate betting to the highest level possible. Expected goals are the result of such complications. Okay, getting into the explanation, expected goals are the measure of the quality of a shot. The measure is done by taking several variables into consideration like shot angle, distance from goal, assist type and many other strategies.

What is the current league position? 

It is actually very important to consider the current league of the team, though it is a little overlooked in the present day, it should be one of the top things to consider. Do not do this stat test in team infancy; it will be of no use. After 10 or more games, the league table will gain a little shape and form and will serve as a way to determine the performance of a particular team. That is all we’ve got for you guys in this article and we also hope that you’ve found it helpful.

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