Stellaris: Console Edition Offers New Galaxy Synergy, Conflicts, and more with Mega Corp Expansion

Stellaris: Console Edition Offers New Galaxy Synergy, Conflicts, and more with Mega Corp Expansion

Conflict Interactive announced it today Mega Corp., The latest addition to the third expansion bass Stellaris: Console EditionAvailable for growing industrial moguls from January 26, 2021. Mega Corp. Console gamers will have the power to lead their federation into a new era of prosperity and luxury or into a galaxy within an era of poverty and economic enslavement.

Contents of Mega Corp.-Exportation at a glance

Culture Corporate Culture: Top Managers and Other Senior Managers Mega Corp. Can do business with a variety of new civilizations at the galaxy level. By creating branches on the planets within empires with trade agreements, the Mega Corp. Add some of the planet’s commercial value to their own network. With the new type of government “corporate authority”, players can create a financial power center and dominate the galaxy.

City World City: With Ecumenopolis, players increase the population density of the major worlds to “irresistibly large” proportions, eventually creating a mega city over many planets.

Ara Caravan Fleet: Players should be wary of annoying traders and nomadic traders who walk the good path between sellers and cheaters.

Me More Megastructures: The finance department has approved a budget for its own reputable subject decompressors, mega-art organizations or strategic integration centers! Players have the green light to buy new scaling options for their megalopolis.

ல Galactic slave market: Soldiers gain and dispose of labor on an industrial scale. It is up to them whether they give freedom to slaves or exploit them like farm animals.

VIP status brings benefits: Players keep their economy competitive in a cutthroat galaxy.

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• Advisors and Music: The extension offers 3 additional consultants and 4 music tracks, which come with the players in Winning the Stars.

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