Stephen Colbert is crying when Dolly Parton sings on’The Late Show’:’I’m under a lot of stress now’

Stephen Colbert is crying when Dolly Parton sings on'The Late Show':'I'm under a lot of stress now'

Dolly parton Brought Stephen Colbert Weeping while she appeared “Late showOn Tuesday night.

Country music legend “Bury it under the willow“Michael Daves and Chris Thile (74-year-old Parton explains to 56-year-old Colbert) were songs that her mother always sang when she was young.

As the singer “Jolene” sang, the talk show host said to someone off the screen, “I am creepy.”

Colbert began to cry, took off his glasses and wiped his eyes with a tissue.

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Parton joked, “It’s good to be quiet before he dies, and we can’t finish the show,” cutting the song short.

The talk show host laughed and said to the singer, “Like many Americans, I am still under a lot of stress. Dolly. And, uh, you’re right there under my wire. I’ll say right there… it was pretty beautiful.”

He added: “Isn’t it fun that sometimes there is nothing happier than crying?”

Dolly Parton touched Stephen Colbert while appearing in “The Late Show.”
(Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

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“Yes, it seems to cleanse your soul,” Parton replied. “I think it’s good to wash it off. I think that is the reason for the tears.”

The story of a national legend about “Buriy Me Under the Willow” and its meaning is one of the many stories her fans can read in her book “Storyteller: My Life in Lyrics”.

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