Steve Nash says that’s why he has to’skip the rep’ to become the Brooklyn Nets coach.

Steve Nash says that's why he has to'skip the rep' to become the Brooklyn Nets coach.

Newly hired Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash Criticism that he had “crossed the line” and got the chance to coach an alleged NBA championship contender was fair, but said his 18-season Hall of Fame career as a point guard made him successful as the first manager.

“Honestly, I skipped the line,” Nash said at a virtual introductory press conference from the team’s practice facility on Wednesday afternoon. “But at the same time, I think it’s very unique to lead an NBA team for nearly 20 years. So I’m not necessarily learning some of the skills I’d like to understand and learn from the technical side, but coaching, I’m never that far.

“Therefore, we lead the team to this unique position, become the team leader in the field, think on the fly, manage personality and people and skills, bring people together, and collaborate with coaches and coaching. It’s not like being vacant. I’ve learned a lot during my career.”

There were a few other former players who got head coaching opportunities without experience, including Steve Kerr, Doc Rivers and Isiah Thomas. This group includes: Jason Kidd, Nash’s former teammate and fellow Hall of Fame Point Guard got the chance to coach a star player and the sky-high Nets team seven years ago.

“I haven’t hone it as an assistant coach like many people’s paths,” said Nash. “I think I can get this opportunity because Steve Kerr and many others have had great success. I think this is a unique situation. But I know for sure that I need support. I hope it can bring a lot of qualities and skills. It’s unique and powerful at the table, but I need a cooperative staff and support who have a lot of experience and are willing to build it with me.”

Nash’s employment has been criticized for his lack of coaching experience and several black coaches fired from their jobs this summer, leaving only five coaches in the current NBA.

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Nash, who has a picture of George Floyd as his Twitter profile picture, was asked about the idea that white privileges played a part in getting this opportunity. And he said he thought his playing career was the reason he was hired, but Nash said the white privilege was real.

“I have benefited from white privileges,” said Nash. “I’m not saying that this position is a factor when it comes to white privileges…. I think as whites we have to understand that we have certain privileges and benefits in our community based on skin color. Finding equality and social and racial justice. There is a long way to go for it, and I hope to be a great ally in that cause.

“…I am very sensitive to cause and goal. I don’t know if this is the right example for that conversation, but I own it and I understand why. We need more diversity and provide more opportunities for African American coaches. This league has been created through African American players and stars and has made it one of the best entertainment industry and sports businesses in the world. It’s really important that we keep coming together. Fight at the league level.

“… It’s interesting to support the desire for equality and make alliances. In a sense, because it’s close and dear to my heart. But I accept it. I want to be part of the conversation. Honestly, I’m going to change things forward I want to be part of it.”

After his playing career was over, Nash was a plotter for various professions. Aside from his consulting role with the Golden State Warriors and the role of general manager of the Canadian national team, he previously kept away from chasing any of them.

But this job was not. Nash called Nets general manager Sean Marks earlier this summer and said he asked if it was too late. From there things went fast.

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“I contacted Sean at some point in the summer,” said Nash. “I can’t exactly remember. [and I] I threw my name on the hat and asked if it was appropriate to be considered for the spot. That’s why the ball rolls. “

He also said that the high profile nature of this profession with famous star players in America’s largest cities was not taken into account in his pursuit.

“None of my parts have considered the profile. [of the job] “I came back to the office with the coaching staff, and I was on the floor with the players, and, as I said, I tried to build a family and environment that these people love,” Nash said. We go to work every day and strive to continue to grow and get better. We are all pushing and supporting each other. I only considered a job from a basketball point of view.

“I really approached it in’Where am I on this journey of learning, growing, asking and gathering information?’ This opportunity is so unique combined with the journey I traveled that it felt like it was the right time and I am very grateful to be together. I will.”

Marks said that Nash’s career as a player was enough to entrust the championship to the dream team. Kevin Durant Will return from the Achilles tendon torn to mate. Kyrie Irving, I am undergoing shoulder surgery.

When asked that Nash will be the first coach, Marks said, “I think Steve is a little different.” “You see his career path. I was very fortunate to be on the team with him too. So I had a close and personal relationship with Steve, and he goes back to seeing how he behaved. It was a leader on and off the court, I think it’s very important, he was definitely a culture driver in the Suns days when I was there.

“Nobody around me like Steve wants to be pressure tested on the spot. He never got away for a moment, so when I first said he was a manager, this guy never ran away from anything. He would end the game. When he wanted to hold the ball in his hand, his career spoke for himself. He made more right decisions than he did not, and speaks of the experience he will bring here. Volume.”

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One of the main selling points for Nash’s candidacy is his relationship with Durant. The two have said Durant has worked together in the Golden State for three seasons, and Nash has repeatedly said Irving is one of the NBA’s favorite players, including Wednesday. Nash said that he had never told Durant about the matter before contacting Marks.

Exhaling Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Amare Stadermeier and Shaquille O’Neill During his career. He said he hopes his relationship with players like Durant and Irving will reflect his relationship with other players.

Nash said of his past teammates “I don’t even think they’re star personalities in the sense of being my friends.” “They have been my teammates and friends. So I feel it’s about humans, not their position. Knowing and understanding people is always what I like. You should have teammates on the floor but off the floor. As friends. I needed it.

“I want to go to work every day and understand my teammates. I want to like it. I wanted to make a fabric that could be fun, laugh, joke, honest and stick together. Have a hard time with each other and shorten the season. This is the beginning and the end for me. There are levels in this game and some people understand that they are higher profile and more important, but teams are teams, and people are people, so you understand people and want to truly take care of them and know about them.

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