Streaming rocked with social isolation and soap operas in 2020

Streaming rocked with social isolation and soap operas in 2020

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The advent of 2020 has brought an epidemic, furthering the conflict between subscribers for content on demand sites, and provoking a war between TV and streaming.

TV viewers took a breather as they watched the boom of streaming viewers as a section of the population was isolated and held hostage to home-based entertainment.

Sites like Netflix, Globoplay and Amazon Prime Video usually do not reveal subscription data and views, but the increase in searches for their content on Google and the congestion alerts of Internet networks indicate that the epidemic was good for any business. , Went to content as needed.

Disney +, in fact, completed one year of life in November. The goal was to reach 60 to 90 million subscribers by 2024 – but 13 months later, the service had reached 86 million. This is after a little help from Brazil to welcome the stage last month.

With more investments in this new market and partnership with Globoplay, Disney + is now facing market leader Netflix, which is part of its arsenal of content from brands such as Pixar, Marvel and “Star Wars”.

In June 2021, Disney also announced the launch of a second site in Latin America, Star +, the equivalent of Hulu, with content that is considered “too old” for the good-natured Mickey and his gang. He will be joined by Warner’s HBO Max.

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This last service was at the center of a controversy that divided opinions. Disney, like many of its content streaming, decided to add a warning and contextualization at the beginning of the HBO Max classic “… E o Vento Levou” due to areas considered racist.

The stalemate erupted in the face of Black Lives Matters protests. In the same vein, the station Paramount Network canceled a reality show called “Cops”, which for 31 years followed the police’s tradition of non-violence in the series.

In the wake of the racial struggle, Emmy, America’s flagship award, broke the record for black actors nominated in its 72nd edition, although Latinos and Asians were practically ignored.

One of the winning nominations, Regina King of “Watchmen”, was awarded the Best Short Series Award. The plot, which addresses racial tensions in the United States, helped HBO topping the Emmy list as a symbol of traditional television.

In Brazil, the unprecedented decision disrupted the record of soap operas. In March, Globo put “Amore de May” and its other serials in the air ahead of the corona virus. The solution is to return to old soap operas and even football games with great enthusiasm.

CNN, which launched in March, received support from Brazil and expanded its broadcaster and other channels’ press programming to spread the epidemic.

Another alternative offered to avoid isolation was to remotely record projects such as “Amore e Sorde” and “Tyrio de um Confinado”, and they focused on the themes and suffering that Covid-19 brought.

Returning to the nine-hour limit, so far, there is no sign of Lourdes, the character of Regina Cos in “Amore de May”. But the plot, abbreviated and adapted, registration is complete and is expected to return in early 2021.

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For this, Globo had to follow the same safety protocols as its competitors. For example, the auditoriums are empty, masks and gel alcohol have entered the scene. However, in the case of drama, things get complicated.

Soap operas had to make adaptations to avoid intimacy, crowds, outdoor recordings and the presence of older actors on sets. For example, in “Salve-Say Quem Puder”, the acrylic plates helped to keep the fictional couples close, but in safety.

In parallel, in a strategy that Globo claims needs to adapt to the new market reality, many medallions have lost exclusive contracts. Turcacio Mira, Gloria Menisse, Antonio Fagundas, Renato Arago and Miguel Falabella are no longer permanent employees.

Another person who left the Globo decades later was Regina Duarte, but willingly, when she decided to accept Bolsanaro’s invitation to become special secretary of culture, in the quick and frustrated passage of politics.

In late 2020, a bomb exploded in the corridors of Globo. Marcius Melheim, the former director of the network’s comedy center, has been subjected to sexual and moral harassment by several colleagues, including Danny Calapresa. Outside the channel today, he denies the allegations and says he will go to court against the victims’ lawyer, advertised as a soap opera to be pulled in 2021.

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