Street Fighter V celebrates 5 years with the introduction of the fifth and final season

street fighter comemora 5 anos

Fifth and final season Street Fighter Vs. Come officially and celebrate 5 years as one of the most popular fighting games in the world.

We also have the Fighter launch along with the season And hippie And free content for all players PlayStation 4E Steam. This includes the new war mechanics. “V-shift”, A new training level and update on sports balance for all fighters.

And hippie His famous provocations and his “Maestro to Psycho”. He is one of the highlights of the series Street Fighter Alpha Appeared more Street Fighter IV, And has been a training partner for Ryu and Ken.

The cast can include Don Street Fighter Vs. How Season 5 Writing Boss Or Season 5 Premium Pass. It can be purchased separately for R $ 31.90 (PlayStation Store), R $ 13.19 (Steam) or 100,000 fight money.

Update details

Free game update for all players Street Fighter Vs. Adds war dynamics “V-shift”, Which provides a new defensive tool and strategic options. At the expense of a bar V-Cage, O V-Shift It is a completely invincible dodge, and if performed at the right time, this movement shortens the time, allowing you to plan the best route for counter-attack. In addition, all players can now access a new training level.Change the grid”, Adding more depth to the game and improvements in the combat system.

Continues 5th season, The other four characters are getting ready to fight Street Fighter V: Champion Edition: Rose (Second Quarter 2021), Oro and Akira (Third Quarter 2021) and Fifth Unpublished (Fourth Quarter 2021). In total, 26 new outfits and two new internships are planned for Season 5, including Rose Internship (Second Quarter 2021) and Akira Internship (Third Quarter 2021).

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Street Fighter 5 Season 5 DLC Characters Announced: Dawn, Rose, Oro - Polygon

To guarantee new characters and related content, two different Street Fighter V Season 5 Bosses are now available: Season 5 Character Boss and Season 5 Premium Boss. Here is a summary of what’s in each season 5 pass:

Season 5 writing pass

  • Season 5 and five costumes of their costume colors 3-10
  • Five combat costumes (one for each character in Season 5)
  • Six titles
  • Bonus Content: Eleven *
  • Exclusive PS4 themes or exclusive steam wallpapers

Season 5 Premium Pass

  • Season 5 and five costumes of their costume colors 3-10
  • 26 new clothes
  • Two new levels
  • All costume colors for all the characters in Season 5
  • Eight titles
  • Bonus Content: Eleven *
  • 100.000 T Fight Money
  • Exclusive PS4 themes or exclusive steam wallpapers

* Eleven is a reflective character that can be roughly transformed into any character derived from Street Fighter V. The imitated character will retain Levan’s color scheme, but will act similarly to the copied character.

Chopra Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition All content of the original publication and STread Fighter V: Arcade Edition (except Fight Opportunity, Brand Collaboration and Capcom Pro Tour Attire). The Champion Edition includes new characters, levels, and other content released after the Arcade version Until the arrival of this new version. Overall, this is the strongest version Street Fighter V offers 40 characters, 34 levels and more than 200 outfits.

For new players, one Free heads All 40 characters are currently available for PS4 until February 24th.

Street Fighter V: Champion version available for PS4 and Steam.

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