Stretch of unstable weather, Halloween blue moon, retreat time

Stretch of unstable weather, Halloween blue moon, retreat time

The passage of the cold front leads to dry weather and a sharp drop in temperature, making it feel like autumn again.

Sunday, October 25th will feel like autumn again. Clouds and sun will mix with some afternoon showers. The high temperature is about 50 degrees.

It usually rains at night after 10pm, and then there is a high probability of showers at night.

There will be sometimes more spot showers on Monday, October 26th. High temperatures in the first half of the 50s.

The unstable pattern will continue every day until Friday, October 30th, leading to cloudy skies, chances of showers, and high temperatures in the mid-50s every day.

Halloween Blue Moon, Fallback

This week ends with Halloween on October 31st and this year is Saturday, and for the first time since World War II, you will see the Halloween Blue Moon around the world.

According to the long-term forecast, the series of rainy days will finally end on Saturday, with clear skies and the best in the 50s.

After that, summer time ends at 2am on Saturday, November 1st, and it’s “fallback” time as Election Day approaches on Tuesday, November 3rd.

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