Strong expectations Dwayne Haskins has traded before the deadline, and some rival executives are already watching the movie.

Strong expectations Dwayne Haskins has traded before the deadline, and some rival executives are already watching the movie.

Washington coach Ron Rivera spoke about the quarterback last week. Dwayne Haskines It has the future of the organization, despite having only participated in only four matches in this coaching system, but management around the NFL is not buying it. The situation between Quarterback and Rivera’s employees, who ranked 15th overall 16 months ago, is already quite toxic, and several sources within the organization believe the deal by the end of the month is the most probable outcome.

Some rival executives have already started watching films of former Ohio State stars, and they expect him to move in the coming weeks. Kyle Allen -People who have a deep relationship with this coaching staff-Selected, handed over as a veteran Alex Smith Quarterback No. 2 and Haskins are now demoted to line 3.

Several sources close to Haskins have advised that a solid franchise with a 23-year-old skilled veteran QB would ideally be the best deal possible. Haskins was not drafted by this regime, which did not make it important for him to graduate from college. He doesn’t fit into their system and his personality has rubbed them the wrong way from the beginning. Sources say it’s hard for Haskins to imagine his future in Washington, as he now has very little practice time and is likely to be a healthy scratch for weeks. His progress in Washington didn’t feel like a priority going back to last season anytime soon. -Fired coach Jay Gruden threw him into the regular season game before many believed he was ready.

Numerous sources who got in touch with Washington staff said that Haskins was initially a strong perception that he didn’t fit well, and he was just a starter because he liked the Daniel Snyder owner with kids. School with Haskins.

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A league source who spoke with many Washington employees said, “What they will tell you about the building is that he has a project written by the owner and his son.” “That’s the bottom line. Allen is their guy. They think he fits his system. They really didn’t want anything to do with Haskins in the first place.”

that much cardinal Quarterback Josh Rosen was traded for a second round pick just a year after being ranked 10th overall in 2019, and many Washington team sources can’t hear these sentiments expressed publicly, but I think the landscape needs a change here too. Given how the team handled this situation, it can be difficult to get a solid trading reward, but keeping him past the trading deadline and allowing this to be compromised is not ideal.

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