Stunning image of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft churning rocks off an asteroid

Stunning image of NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft churning rocks off an asteroid

NASA shared amazing images. OSIRIS-REx spacecraft hitting an asteroid yesterday, Shows how the vehicle shook rocks and debris on the surface of an object when the vehicle touched it. Tab’s goal was to collect material samples from the asteroid, but the spacecraft’s engineers say they aren’t sure if they’ve collected anything by this weekend, spinning the vehicle and measuring the amount of material inside.

However, the OSIRIS-REx team what kind of thing. “The point comes from the analysis of the images we’ve gotten so far. The sampling event went as well as we could have imagined.” The University of Arizona said at a press conference. “And there’s a possibility that there’s a material inside… it’s a step up based on image analysis.”

Images from this incident show how OSIRIS-REx caught asteroid dust from asteroid (Bennu) on Tuesday. The photo highlights the tip of the OSIRIS-REx’s outstretched robotic arm, which must gently press Bennu’s surface. Sandy Freund, Lockheed Martin’s OSIRIS-REx Mission Support Manager, told a press conference: “We were in contact with the surface for about 6 seconds and the collection time was about 5 seconds.” When it touched Bennu, the spacecraft’s arms emit a smell of nitrogen gas, causing the asteroid’s rocks and pebbles to dance and circle in frenzy. The hope is that the gas will cause some rocks to rise into the arms themselves.

Now it’s a game waiting for the OSIRIS-REx team to look at the data. On Saturday, engineers measure the vehicle’s inertia by rotating the OSIRIS-REx with the sampling arm extended. We then compare this measurement to how the OSIRIS-REx previously rotated once without a sample on the arm. The difference in these measurements gives the team a better idea of ​​how much material the vehicle has secured on Tuesday.

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And if the OSIRIS-REx has enough to hold more than 60 grams, the mission team will start preparing for the spacecraft to leave Bennu next year and begin its long journey. Transporting valuable cargo back to scientists on Earth,.

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