Super Mario Brothers Game & Watch can now run Pokemon, Zelda and more

Super Mario Brothers Game & Watch can now run Pokemon, Zelda and more

The hackers wereted no time Super Mario Bros. Games & Watch – Its invention Secrets before it was officially released. Within a few weeks, a talented individual ‘stacksmashing‘Digging into the code of the computer and understanding how to get the classic first-person shooter ID software Disaster Above and running.

Although the results are not correct, it is only a beginning. The same hacker – again, with the help of a fellow coder Conrad Beckman – Now got some more retro classics and works just like the original Pokemon, Description of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers3 And Against. See below:

At this point, getting these Others Working on Super Mario Brothers Game & Watch is not easy with retro titles. You obviously need to Open the system to add more ROM files After that, you will need the help of custom hardware and some specialized tools.

The same hacker says they want to publish a full guide on how to unlock Stocksmashing, Game & Watch.

Are you impressed with all of these games running on Nintendo’s latest hardware release? Do you think the computer should contain more than one library of games? Share your thoughts below.

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